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 17       Hymn Singing 12 years and under    GERTRUDE MAGEE MINATURE CUP

 1st            Orchard County PS                                                    87 Marks

 2nd          Moira PS & Iveagh PS                                                86

 3rd           Bocombra PS & Hardy Memorial PS Senior Choir     84


 1        PS Junior Choir up to Key Stage 1                FERGUSON CUP

 1st        Moira Primary School Junior Choir                                85

 2nd      Tandragee Primary School Junior Choir                        84


 4        PS Choir which has not won 1st Prize            PORTADOWN SPINNING COMPANY SHIELD

1st            King’s Park Primary School Senior Choir                     87

2nd          Iveagh Primary School                                                  84

3rd           Bleary PS & Rowandale Integrated PS                         83


2.00 pm TOWN HALL/MAIN Hall Helen Deakin

39       Girls Confined 7 years and under     Margaret Bustard Trophy

1st            Kate Lavery                                                                    83


40       Girls Confined 8 and 9 years                          Martin Cup

1st        Eabha McConnell                                                        85

2nd         Annabella May                                                             83


24       Girls Vocal 7 years and under                        Cup

1st         Lily Rutledge                                                               86

2nd          Adina Esmann, Verity Williams & Kate Lavery           84

3rd           Emma Logue                                                              83


25       Girls Vocal 8 and 9 years                                Cup

1st            Angelica Karamichas                                                  87

2nd        Freija McKenna & Maisie Foster                                 86

3rd         Aoife Rafferty                                                              85



7.00 pm TOWN HALL/MAIN HALL Helen Deakin

59       Male Voice Choir                                     SIR WILLIAM ALLEN CUP

1st            Portadown Male Voice Choir                                       87


58       LADIES CHOIR                                               WILSON CUP

1st            Portadown Ladies Choir                                              85


60       Church Choirs                                                G P GIRLING CUP

1st            Armagh Baptist Church                                               84

2nd          Holy Trinity Ballylesson Praise Group                          83


57       Choral Repertoire        TAVANAGH PERPETUAL CHALLENGE CUP

1st            Portadown Male Voice Choir                                 86                            

2nd                Portadown Ladies Choir                                         84


78       Folk Song 17 years and over                         LOGAN CUP

1st            Leah Donnelly                                                             83


66       Senior Vocal - Baritone 16 years and over    MALCOLM P CLOW CUP

1st            Tom O’Kelly                                                                87

2nd          Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon                                       86


62       Senior Vocal - Soprano 16 years and over    WADE CUP

1st       Naomi Nixon                                                               82


63      Senior Vocal - Mezzo Soprano 16 years and over   


1st       Sophie Giraudeau                                                       88


77 Songs from The Shows 16 years and over          META F EAKINS CUP


1st           Amie Woodhouse                                                          87

2nd          Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon & Caroline Naughton      86

3rd           Eve Mann                                                                      85




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