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9.30 am TOWN HALL/MAIN HALL Helen Deakin


MT1   Musical Theatre Primary 1-4 4 - 8 years                             MEDAL


1st            Jude Hill                                                                               88


2nd          Clare Keely                                                                           86


3rd           Eve Brannigan, Isla Kinkend & Annabella May                    85




47       Confined Girls 14 and 15 years                                     WEIR CUP


1st            Aoife McConville                                                                   86


2nd          Katie McAuley & Ruth Cadden                                              85


3rd           Meabh Tiernan & Saidbin McCaughley                                 84




27A    Song From A Musical Show Primary 1-4         ENTERTAINERS CUP


1st            Abigail Davey                                                                        86


2nd          Annabella May & Isaac Bell                                                   85


3rd           Ella-Rose Sands & Jessica Surphlis                                     84




9.30am TOWN HALL/MINOR HALL Gillian McCutcheon


29      Junior Folk Song 16 years and under           NORTHERN BANK CUP


1st            Aoife McConville                                                        87                          


2nd          Mallaidh McGivern                                                                86


3rd           Aoife Rafferty                                                                        85




32       Junior Vocal Repertoire 15 years and under SAMUEL BOYD MEMORIAL CUP


1st            Ruth Cadden                                                                        88


2nd          Aoife McConville                                                                   87


3rd           Katie McAuley                                                                       86




33       Open Vocal 17 years and under                     NORMAN LYTTLE CUP


1st            Aoife McConville                                                                  88


2nd          Niamh Murray                                                                       87


3rd           Emma Spence                                                                      86




1.45 pm TOWN HALL/MAIN HALL Helen Deakin


MT2   Musical Theatre Primary 5-7 8 - 11 years                           MEDAL


1st            Ellie Reynolds                                                                       89


2nd          Annie Tiffney                                                                          88


3rd           Ella Mawhinney& Jamie-Leigh Cahoon                                 87




1.45 pm TOWN HALL/MINOR HALL Gillian McCutcheon


84       Piano 16-18 years                                                     MCBRIDE CUP


1st            Emily Tiffney                                                                         87


2nd          Victoria McGregor & Rachel Murphy                                    86


3rd           Joanna Craig                                                                        83




85       Piano - Chopin Music                               MRS M E ANDERSON CUP


1st            Sara-Jo Loney                                                                      88


2nd          Frasier Hickland                                                                    87


3rd           Claudia Jeffers                                                                     86




86       Piano Senior Solo                             JOHN YOUNG MEMORIAL CUP



1st            Frasier Hickland                                                                   87


2nd          Jude Kennedy                                                                       86


3rd           Amy Dunlop                                                                          85




82A   Piano Modern Style 14 years and under MARIAN HUNTER MEMORIAL CUP


1st            Amy Gardiner                                                                       84




7.00pm TOWN HALL/MAIN HALL Helen Deakin


MT5   Musical Theatre - Excerts from a Stage Production 12 years and under MEDAL


1st       Junior Lowry Theatre Group                                                  88         


2nd        Allegro Musical Minis                                                             86




MT6   Musical Theatre - Excerts from a Stage Production any age    MEDAL


1st       Senior Lowry Theatre Group                                        89

2nd          Allegro Leading Ladies                                                 85


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