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Thursday 19th April

9.30 am TOWN HALL/MAIN HALL Helen Deakin

134     Recorder Group Primary Schools Only          MOUNTNORRIS CUP

1st       Mullavilly Primary School Recorder Ensemble             86


136     Recorder Ensemble (Part Playing) Primary Schools only  HART MEMORIAL CUP

1st            Tandragee Primary School Recorder Ensemble         82


125     Recorder Solo Girls P6                                MULLAVILLY PS CUP

1st            Lucy-Jo Graham                                                         87

2nd          Lucy Corry                                                                   86

3rd           Chloe Ruddy, Erin Sykes, Amy Overend,                    85

          Keeley Telford, & Sophia Currie


126     Recorder Solo Boys P6                                    MULLAVILLY PS CUP

1st            Kiyan Telford                                                              86

2nd          Seth Weir                                                                    85

3rd           Ralph   McDowell                                                        83

128     Recorder Solo Boys P7             THE HEATHER SANDFORD CUP

1st            Ryan McDowell                                                           87

2nd          Sam Vaughan & Kyle MCammon                                86


127     Recorder Solo Girls P7                           WARINGSTOWN PS CUP

1st       Lucy Toal                                                                       86

2nd          Lucy McDonald & Lucy Qua                                        85

3rd           Lucy Cardwell & Amy Segon                                       84


9.30 am TOWN HALL/MINOR HALL Gillian McCutcheon

41       Girls in P5 and under                                        CAROLYN CUP

1st            Emily Taggart                                                              90

2nd          Poppy McVitty                                                              89

3rd           Samantha Bell & Kathryn Kane                                   88


41A    Girls in P6                                                           MARY ALLEN CUP

1st            Grace Ogilby                                                               91

2nd          Jane Mullen & Kendra Wright                                      90

3rd           Ruby Marsden & Gabrielle McConnell                         89


41B    Girls in P7                                                            ROSEMARY CUP

1st       Lottie Hegarty                                                                90

2nd          Chloe Buckley                                                             89

3rd           Chrissy Hopkins & Libby Shipman                              88


2.00 pm TOWN HALL/MAIN HALL Helen Deakin

151     Ensembles for Schools under 12 years      Portadown College Preparatory  Department Cup                        

1st            Riverdale Primary School                                                    84

 2nd               Inchmarlo brass Ensemble                                          83                    


140     Woodwind Ensemble 14 years and under                    SHILLINGTON CUP

1st            Moira P S Woodwind Group                                        84


147     Brass and/or Woodwind Ensemble 11 years and under   MEDALS

1st            Moira P S Brass Group                                               84

2nd          Downshire PS                                                              83


111A Strings Ensemble 18 years and under    EDWIN MCCLELLAND CUP

1st            St Catherine’s College String Ensemble                      83


111     Strings Ensemble 14 years and under   ST MARY'S HIGH SCHOOL LURGAN

1st            Moira PS String Group                                                86

2nd          Maralin Village PS String Ensemble                            85

3rd           St Patrick’s PS Magheraline String Ensemble &          84

          Ballyoran PS String Ensemble


104    Strings - Solo Novice                                        DINAH WHITE CUP

1st            Athulya Matthew                                                         85

2nd          Eabha McConnell                                                        84


107     Strings - Solo Grade 3          MRS PATRICK STEVENSON TROPHY

1st            Sophie Cromie                                                          83

2nd          Lara Mockford                                                            82


108A Strings - Solo Grade 5                                           RITA WATT CUP

1st            Amy Vernon                                                                82


113 Strings - Solo Grade 4 and 5      ROSEMARY AND DAVID HALL CUP

1st       Lottie Hegarty                                                               87


7.00 pm TOWN HALL/MAIN HALL Helen Deakin

32B    Song from a Musical Show 14, 15 and 16 years  JULIE MITCHELL CUP

1st            Lily McClatchey                                                            87

2nd          Aoife McConville & Terri Willsher                                  86

3rd           Mallaidh McGivern, Emma Brown & Emma Spence     85


MT4   Musical Theatre 14,15 and 16 years                             MEDAL

1st            Lily McClatchey                                                          89

2nd          Mallaidh McGivern                                                      87

3rd           Terri Willsher                                                              86







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