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2        PS Choir                                                          WILFRED J ROBB CUP

1st            Orchard County PS                                                     89

2nd          St Joseph & St James PS                                           86


3        PS Choir 200 and more pupils               J S BRIGHT SILVER SHIELD

1st           Tandragee PS Senior Choir                                        88

2nd          Moira PS Senior Choir                                                87

3rd           Moyallon PS & Hardy Mem PS Senior Choir              84


17A    Hymn Singing 12 years and under                 BRENDA THOMPSON TROPHY

1st            St Joseph & St James PS                                           84


154     Alternative Learning Schools under 14 years          JIM BORELAND CUP

1st            Donard Dynamos                                                        82


156     Alternative Learning Schools                                   GRAINNE MCCARTHY CUP

1st            Lisanally Special School                                             84


157A Music Makers                                                            D C JEWELLERY CUP

1st            Lisanally Special School Drummers                            87

2nd          Lisanally Special School Percussion Group                 85



2.00 pm Civic Centre Helen Deakin

9        School Group                                       ARTHUR LENNON MEMORIAL TROPHY



18       Sacred Music                                                            BEST TROPHY

1st            Markethill High School                                                83


5        School Choir Girls 18 years and under                    WEVA MINATURE CUP

1st          Lurgan College                                                           86


8B      School Choir 11-16 years                     ETHNA MCLAUGHLIN MEMORIAL CUP

1st            Markethill High School                                                83


8A      School Choir 14 years and under                            VIOLA MILLAR CUP

1st            St Patrick‚Äôs College, Maghera                                     82


7        School Choir Boys 18 years and under                   E H LAMB CUP

1st            Bango Grammar School Chamber Choir                     90


7.00 pm TOWN HALL/MINOR HALL Helen Deakin


79A    Senior Vocal Repertoire 16 years and over    SUSANNA BOYD PERPETUAL CUP

1st           Sophie Giraudeau                                                       89

2nd          Niamh Murray                                                             88

3rd           Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon                                      87


72       Senior Vocal - Mozart 16 years and over                 MOZART CUP

1st            Niamh Murray                                                             87


75       Senior Vocal - Gilbert & Sullivan 16 years and over SANDFORD CUP

1st            Brendan Donnelly                                                       84


73       Senior Vocal - Grand Opera 16 years and over       W D IRWIN CUP

1st            Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon                                       87


70       Senior Vocal - Open Oratorio 16 years and over


1st            Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon                                       87


69       Senior Vocal - Interpretation 16 years and over           BREW & CLOW CUP

1st            Sophie Giraudeau                                                       90

2nd          Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon                                       87


68       Senior Vocal - Prizewinners 16 years and over           O'LONE CUP

1st       Salwan Cartwright-Shamoon                                       86


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