Folk Dance Overall results






JOHN WALDRON CUP: Most Promising Boy in Festival

Awarded to:   Corrie Gayle, Innova School


THE PATRICIA & ELEANOR JORDAN CUP: Most Promising Girl in Festival

Awarded to:    Erin McFarland, Anderson School


McCLELLAND-KENNY CUP:  Adjudicator’s Choice in Festival

Awarded to:   Amy McCrickard, McCartney School


BRONAGH MAGEE CUP: Interpretation

Awarded to:    Kerry Cudlip, Aisling School


FIONA McGEOWN CUP:  Rhythm and Technique

Awarded to:    Ciara Donnelly, Tri Na n-Nog School


CHILDREN OF LIR:  Outstanding Performance

Awarded to:    Naoimh Brown, Tri Na n-Nog School


JOHN LAVERY MEMORIAL SHIELD: Adjud’s Choice – Single Jig

Awarded to:      Kim Burgess, Bangor School


THE O’CARROLL TROPHY: Adjud’s Choice - Slip Jig

Awarded to:      Katie Christie, Ballynafeigh School


50th ANNIVERSARY AWARD: Adjud’s Choice - Local Girl

Awarded to:     Clara McAnulty, O’Connor School


21st ANNIVERSARY AWARD: Adjud’s Choice - Local Boy

Awarded to:      Fionn McKeever , Kildara School                                              


McSTRAVICK CUP: Adjud’s Choice - Reel (Over 13 Local)

Awarded to:      Emily Jones, Anderson School


MILLENNIUM TROPHY:   Adjud’s Choice - Treble Jig (Local)

Awarded to:      Molly Davies, Kildara School                                          


LYDIA MURPHY MEMORIAL CUP: Adjud’s Choice - Style & Appearance

                                                                        (Over 13 years – Local)

Awarded to:    Meabh Turbitt, Aisling School   


McDONALD MEMORIAL CUP: Adjud’s Choice - Any Jig (Local)

Awarded to:  Alicia Connell, Kildara School


MARY McCONVILLE MEMORIAL CUP: Adjud’s Choice - Hornpipe

Awarded to:      Olivia Reid, Reilly School


THE JUDITH GRIMLEY CUP:   Adjud’s Choice – Reel  (Overall – Open)

Awarded to:      Zoe McGarry & Caoimhe Lambe, Tri Na n-Nog


THE KARL (BUGNER) MERCER CUP….Adjud’s Choice Set Dance

                                                                           (15-17yrs Local Award)

Awarded to:    Nicole Harvey, Anderson School


ROISIN DUFFY CUP – Adjud’s Choice – Set Dance (Open)

Awarded to:     Alana Smyth, O’Connor School 

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