Folk 1




1.00 p.m.



Class 64 – LD Jig/Reel – Under 6 yrs                       Millennium Shield

Most Promising Under 6 yrs

1st            Phoebe Rulou

2nd          Lile Farrel & Rose Evans

Lile Farrell won the Millennium Shield


Class 65 – LDJig/Reel – Under 7 yrs                        Geralyn Mawhinney Cup

1st            Harriet Davison

2nd          Katie Toal


Class 66 – Team Dance – Under 7 yrs

1st            Deborah Anderson Team B

2nd          Kildara Team C


Class 67 – LD Jig/Reel – Under 8 yrs

1st            Ruby Curlett

2nd          Taliah Hanson & Caila Mullen


Class 68 LD Jig/Reel Under 9 yrs                             Daly Cup

Most Promising Under 9 yrs

1st            Tara Dzurek

2nd          Emma Creaney & Lily Lamb


Class 69 – Team Dance – Under 9 yrs                                Festival Cup

1st            Deborah Anderson Team A

2nd          Kildara Team A




Class 21 – LD Jig/Reel – Under 9 yrs                       Novice

1st            Lorna Magill

2nd          Aoife Burns & Beatrix Coulter


Class 21A – LD Jig/Reel – Over 9 yrs                       Novice

1st            Ellie Poulter


Class 70 – LD Jig/Reel/Single Jig – Under 10 yrs

1st       Aimee Elliott

2nd          Amy Sloan & Niamh Poland


Class 70A – LD Jig/Reel/Single Jig – Under 11 yrs Jean Tennant Cup

1st            Ruby White

2nd          Emily Murray & Molly Davies


Class 71 – Team Dance – Under 11 yrs                    Festival Cup

1st            Deborah Anderson Team B

2nd          Kildara Team A & Doborah Anderson Team A


Class 72 – Any Light Dance – Under 12 yrs             Pat McConville Trophy

1st            Evie McAnulty

2nd          Katie Dawson & Clodagh Neeson


Class 72A – Any Light Dance – Under13 yrs           Sheila Breen Memorial Cup

1st            Clara McAnulty

2nd          Clara McConvey

3rd           Molly Sloan


Class 73 – Team Dance – Under 13 yrs                    Festival Cup

1st            Deborah Anderson Team A



SATURDAY 7th APRIL 2018 7.00 p.m.


Class 74 – Any Light Dance – Under 14 yrs             Caitlin Bailey Memorial Cup

1st             Aimee McConville

2nd           Seonna Cushley & Megan Stewart


Class 74A – Any Light Dance – Under 15 yrs          Brian Coleman Cup

1st             Leah McDonald

2nd          Clia Creaney


Class 75 – Any Team Dance – Under 15 years        Festival Cup

1st            Kildara Team A

2nd          Kildara Team B


CAROLINE CLENDINNING CUP – Highest mark in Class 76 and 76A

Class 76 – Any Light Dance – Under 17 yrs

1st            Nicole Harvey

2nd          Shauna McCann


Class 76A – Any Light Dance – Over 17 yrs

1st            Emily Jones

2nd          Caoimhe Lambe & Bethany Beattie


Class 77 – Any Team Dance – 15 yrs & over

1st            Deborah Anderson Team A



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